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Research, development and production of wear-resistant materials
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  Yinan Fuhao Construction Machinery parts Factory was established on September 12, 2006, according to the development needs of the company, re-registered as Yinan Fuhao Engineering Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. on April 11, 2018. The company is located in Yiwen Zhen Wenfeng Village, Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is a high-tech company specializing in the development, development and production of wear-resistant materials such as high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, alloy steel, high chromium cast iron, etc. Is the national building materials industry large-scale wear-resistant and crushing equipment wear-resistant products professional manufacturers. Company main business: e plate, lining board, high manganese steel rolled mortar wall, alloy wear-resistant steel, cone broken wall, hammer broken Machine screen plate, double alloy hammer head and other mines, cement industry, iron and steel industry wear-resistant machinery accessories. The total assets of the enterprise are 30 million yuan, the fixed assets are 9.36 million yuan, the registered capital is 5 million yuan, the enterprise covers an area of 21000 square meters.
  The company has more than 100 employees, has rich production experience, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, complete testing means, stable product quality, reasonable price, can fully meet the quality requirements of customers. Many times won the county-level "star enterprise" honorary title.
  The company in Yiwen town government, the party committee's strong support, the enterprise continues to grow, our company on the basis of the original development, the company made a further development of the overall planning and improvement. Fully implementing the government's guideline of "doing a good job in safety and attaching importance to Mount Tai, standardizing environmental protection and emphasizing development", invested 1 million yuan in funds, added vanishing models and fully automatic NC cutting, effectively reached the new goal of standardization, safety and environmental protection development.

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